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Opportunities for Deeper Learning

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Most of our offerings can be delivered through various formats. Whether you're learning with a cohort or on your own, through in-person or online sessions, you'll get personalized feedback to help you improve your skills.

Founders Roundtable (FREE)

Drop in to one of our intimate conversations on a communication-related topic. You'll need to register to reserve one of the eight seats.

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Communicating with Government & Industry

Learn how to speak the language of business leaders and policy-makers and present information in ways they find persuasive. Ideal for graduate students and early-career researchers.

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Communicating for Health Innovation

Improve your ability to help practitioners put your clinical research into action. Discover communication strategies and techniques to improve uptake in the field.

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Networking Success

Gain the poise and confidence you need to network successfully with people from the world outside the academy. 

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Strategic Communication for Startups

Plan and execute a quarter's worth of strategic communication products to push your business forward.

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Leadership Writing for Engineers

As you step into leadership, developing a strong writing presence will enable you to convey confidence and caring. Learn specific writing techniques you can use to communicate your unique leadership style, influence others, and improve your productivity.

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Report-Writing Bootcamp for Engineers

Master the art of producing clear, well-organized reports. Your colleagues and clients will thank you for making dense technical information easy to read.

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Bespoke Training

We develop custom training to suit your specific situation. This could mean adapting some of our off-the-shelf content or creating a brand new program.

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Ad HOC Coaching

ad hoc coaching

Ever wish you could have a communication expert at your elbow while you write or develop a presentation?

Now accessing that kind of help is as easy as signing up for an ad hoc coaching session with Dr. Dawn Henwood.

Each virtual session is one hour long. You can use that time to brainstorm ideas, review a draft, or explore ways to improve your writing productivity and confidence.

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Clarity Studio
Harrison Smith - CEO, DearLife

“Dawn took time to individually look at our pitch deck and our one-pager and offer substantial and insightful comments.... It was 10X more than we had bargained for. Dawn brings this wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled. Usually, the feedback we get is a mile wide and an inch thick. With Dawn, it's a mile wide and a mile deep.”

CEO, DearLife

Free PD (Professional Development) Assessment

What are your impact goals, and how could communication training or coaching help you reach them?

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