Clarity Studio
Angela Pyne - New Brunswick Innovation Foundation

“We reached out to Dawn to get expert support in disseminating the details of the research projects we were funding and the impact of the researcher's work. The way we had been telling them was too broad, and we weren't getting to the meat and potatoes.

Dawn helped us get to the "why does this matter" and the "what is that we're trying to tell people?" of the stories by using an interview approach; she was also able to capture the voice of our team so that we created a consistent story and a consistent voice.

It's great having a connection with Dawn because she understands our business and what we're trying to achieve. I can pick up the phone and say, "I want to write this story. Here's the information I have. How do I get this out on paper?" Dawn has become an extension of my team.”

New Brunswick Innovation Foundation

Clarity Studio
Austin Castellanos - David Sobey Centre, Saint Mary's University

“Dawn is an absolute pleasure to work with! She has been able to seamlessly convert and summarise our Centre's academic research papers into two-pagers that are beautifully designed and are in an easy-to-read, business language format. Not only is Dawn a true professional but she is one of the kindest people you will meet. She is now our go-to person for translating research papers. We highly recommend her services!”

David Sobey Centre, Saint Mary's University

Clarity Studio
Laura O'Blenis - CEO of Stiletto

“We engaged Dawn and the team of Clarity Studio to provide coaching and support to new Stiletto team members as we refined our focus on productization and process improvement as a key priority for 2021. Dawn assisted our team in putting process into action and getting the results we were looking for to streamline our internal process.

We were thrilled with our experience with Dawn and Clarity Studio and highly recommend them for their ability to easily mesh with a team, to become an extension of that team and assist where and when needed the most. Clarity Studio takes a flexible, positive approach, which was a key factor in the success of this work. Dawn is knowledgeable, strategic, thoughtful in her approach, and an excellent mentor. She is an exceptional writer and facilitator and draws out the very best in individuals to enable a team and organization to shine. With Dawn’s guidance, we were able to synthesize and find common threads to knit together the consistent approach we were taking. This is now embedded into our ongoing process improvement and project work with clients. As a strategic planning firm, we value the input from a third-party to validate our work and help us think bigger and bolder. Thank you to Dawn and Clarity for enabling our firm to reach the next level.”

CEO of Stiletto

Clarity Studio
Harrison Smith - DearLife

“Dawn took time to individually look at our pitch deck and our one-pager and offer substantial and insightful comments.... It was 10X more than we had bargained for. Dawn brings this wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled. Usually, the feedback we get is a mile wide and an inch thick. With Dawn, it's a mile wide and a mile deep.”


Clarity Studio
Barb Ells - Venn Innovation

“Venn Innovation has benefitted several times from Dawn's expertise, including the insights that she has brought to the flow of information, the language necessary to bring understanding to the reader, and the identification of the type of information that various stakeholders will need to allow decisions to be made.”

Venn Innovation

Clarity Studio
Adrienne O'Pray - Former President and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council

“The NB Business Council and the CENB engaged Dawn at Clarity Studio to help us create tools and resources to help both students and employers get ready for a successful and productive Experiential Learning experience. At every turn – from stakeholder research to delivery of video content – Dawn exceeded our expectations of what we expected her to deliver. She was professional, idea-oriented and easy to work with and kept the project moving even when we were busy working on other things. The project was a breeze with Dawn in the lead!”

Former President and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council

Clarity Studio
Amy Winchester, P.Eng. - CBCL Limited

“We were fortunate to work with Dawn to develop a CBCL Limited customized technical writing course. She took time to understand our needs and develop a full-day workshop for our staff. The mix of discussion and in-class exercises was well received. The feedback from the participants was positive and included statements such as "engaging speaker, "relevant material," "easy tips to improve my writing."”

CBCL Limited

Clarity Studio
Joe Hood - Geospectrum Technologies Inc.

“I contracted Dawn to help my team of scientists and engineers improve their report and paper writing skills as part of a short, focused training effort. The training exceeded my expectations by focusing on higher-level writing challenges. The result was a fully engaged team and a useful guide/checklist that we used moving forward. It has been more than 5 years since the training and I still find myself using tips from the course to evaluate and improve my writing. Great value!”

Geospectrum Technologies Inc.

Clarity Studio
Hayden Cole - Sales Professional

“Dawn is a writing mentor who leverages her background as a professor to provide detailed, structured feedback. I had expected her feedback to be general points about strengths and weaknesses. Instead, Dawn went above and beyond to provide a scorecard and piece-by-piece comments on my writing. That level of objective feedback helped me overcome blind spots that I wouldn't have caught otherwise.”

Sales Professional

Clarity Studio
Deanne McCarthy - Swiftsure Innovations

“I was working on a grant application and was up against a tight timeline. Dawn helped to clarify my value proposition and express the great progress my company had made, using language that government officials (people without a health care background) could understand.

When my timeline changed, Dawn was flexible and adaptable, and we came up with a Plan B that worked. She helped create a logical structure for the document, which enabled me to focus on the technical details and the company story. Since working with Dawn, I feel I can explain my innovation a lot more clearly to someone who’s not in health care, and I’m able to tell the story behind the product in a way I hadn’t thought of before.”

Swiftsure Innovations

Clarity Studio
Micah Carey - The Learning Bar

“Working with Dawn in the Messaging Mentor program has helped me transition from academic writing to marketing writing. I learned how to connect with my audience and speak their language. I recommend this course to anyone going into marketing who needs to speak the new language of business communication. As a result of working with Dawn, I feel more confident in my abilities, and my coworkers now approach me for help with their writing. ”

The Learning Bar